Three Wags is AWESOME! My two pups love their blankets and crate pad. The bandanas are a huge hit as well. I love how easy they wash up and click...back around their necks. The pups know they look cute and are in the latest fashion materials! Excellent quality and customer service.
—Carrie F.

What better way to spoil your favorite fur baby than a customizable squeak toy?!? Great fabric choices to suit your pup's personality!
—Michele M.
I’m so pleased with every Three Wags purchase I’ve made. The clips on the bandanas make them so easy to use and change quickly, and the custom embroidery makes them extra special. Your new masks are equally high quality, and wearing a custom monogrammed version made me feel like I could still have a bit of style even in this crazy year.
—Jody D.
Love the quality and the craftsmanship! Always ships quickly, too. I could go broke in this shop!
—Kim P.

If you LOVE your dog then you need to buy Three Wags' products. I always get compliments on my matching mask and bandana. You can really tell that these products are made by someone who is passionate about what they do and loves dogs! I am now a long term customer!
—Kathleen M.
I chose to get him the bandana because Harley is a friendly fella, but he barks quite a bit to say hello and to make sure he is seen and acknowledged. I think he feels that because he is deaf, he may be invisible, too, so he wants to make his presence known. This bandana helps others at the park feel less intimidated by his barking, and almost 99% of the time, the people reach down to pet Harley and that makes him feel validated and happy…Harley was always joyful and full of energy. His age and deafness never slowed him down…His bandana was almost like a superhero cape!
—Nayla C.